Things You Should Know About Me

Welcome to my little internet home!  

I am a creative, a Multipod (just means I can't decide what, exactly, I want to be!), a lover of nature and all of God's creations and blessings.

Over many years of drawing, painting, sewing, and trying all types of art mediums, I've created this website for this purpose: To show you the beautiful things I've created, and offer them for sale, with no limitations on medium, style or technique. (So you'll get to enjoy, and I'll get to create- with abandon and love!)

Here you will find a wide range of offerings, from well-designed T-Shirts and other printed products, Coloring pages to delight the colorist, both expert and amateur, Handpainted Silk; freely flowing designs on scarves, pillows, neckties, apparel and so much more, ( never any 2 alike), Mixed Media Art, some originals, some reproductions, and other unique creations I haven't even thought of yet!

AND what ties it all together?  COLOR, lots of it, along with pattern and texture,  whimsy, humor, and love.

I hope you enjoy my evolving collections, and would love to have your comments.

Delighted you're here!

JoAnne M. Meller